FBI Rules No Noose in Bubba Wallace's Garage

This has been a wild ride! It all started on Sunday when Bubba Wallace walked into his garage at the Talladega Superspeedway to prepare for the race the next day. As he walked in he saw a noose laying in the garage which seemed to be a sign of racism and bigotry towards one of the only black drivers in Nascar. The whole world was outraged and came together in support of Bubba and searched for the culprit for this terribly racist gesture. However.. the findings were not what the world expected.

The FBI invesitgated the scene and they found the supposed "noose" left behind. Turns out it was actually just a rope with a circular end that was used to bring down the garage door. So when it is time to shut the garage they hook the rope around a part of the door and yank it down. The rope had been there for months according to the FBI's investigation and was not a racist symbol.

1st I want to make it clear I believe this was an honest mistake by Bubba. Nascar right now is going through a whole racial reform and just recently banned the confederate flag from their race venues. This caused a huge outburst from racist people who were offended by the removal of the confederate flag and racial tensions have been high. So high that if I were a black person who saw a rope shaped that way in my garage I would have immediately come to the same conclusion.

2nd I think that through this misunderstanding there is a bright side. Nascar has often been considered one of the more racist sporting venues. So to see the whole sport and most of the country come together in support of Bubba when they believed this was a malicious and racist act is something to be remembered.

The world is changing and the world is improving. Don't let this misunderstanding distract you from the good that is being done in the world right now and the growth that we are seeing from places that were recently considered extremely racist.

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