Flashy or Best - What are the 2020 NBA Playoffs really about?

This is what we have all been waiting for. After months without sports the NBA, in conjunction with Disney, is planning on making a comeback. This is great news for sports fans all over the world.

The NBA Playoffs has to be considered one of the best ways to truly discover who the best team in the world is. An underdog can usually steal a game or two but the majority of the time the superior team will prevail in a best of seven series. So while this may be the preferred way to find the best team, a single game elimination tournament like March Madness or the NFL playoffs is seen by many as a more exciting experience.

What is the real purpose of bringing players back this year? Are we really still searching for the best team in the world after not having played or practiced for several months? Or are we just looking for some exciting basketball? It seems almost certain that whichever team wins the championship this year will have an asterisk next to their names at least in the minds of the average fan.

Can you imagine if the Lakers win this year? No Jordan fan would allow Lebron to count this towards his total championships. Teams will be rusty, injuries may be more likely after a long series, and the reward for winning will already be downgraded.

Also, any teams that are on the verge of making the playoffs but won't have the chance without finishing the regular season or if the regular season is shortened, have a serious reason to be upset about this arrangement. Granted I'm sure everyone who mathematically had a shot at making the playoffs will claim that they were going to if they had the appropriate amount of time, but there are a few teams with a real case. In the West the ninth, tenth and eleventh seeds are all within four games of the 8th seed. This would have been something they could have overcome in a months time, but not in a week or however long the NBA plans on reinstating the regular season before playoff time.

Why not just steer into the asterisk year and make this a more exciting playoff? The NBA should come back and play a few regular season games simply to get the rust off. These games will effect the seeding but EVERY team will make the playoffs. The 1st seed in both the East and West will have a first round bye and it will become a single elimination March Madness style tournament. The upsets will be there, the excitement will be there, the fans.... probably won't be there in person but we will be watching it eagerly!

There is almost no way the league ends up going with this format, but why not dream about getting the excitant of March Madness with the quality of basketball the NBA provides.

Sigh... if only.

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