Mac McClung picks Texas Tech

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Mac McClung was a dunking phenomenon in high school. His highlights were posted right next to that of Zion Williamson. He was highly sought after and the world knew he would be an exciting addition to any team. Mac ended up picking Georgetown as his destination but things did not go exactly as planned. Mac averaged double digits during his first two years in the program but was his time there was riddled with injury.

Mac decided that it was in his best interest to transfer. As soon as this news broke Mac had some very big names reach out in order to persuade him to join their schools.

Check out some of the tweets he received.

After all of that attention it must have been tough to make a decision. However, Mac eventually chose to go with The Texas Tech Red Raiders. And who could blame him? A shoutout from Patrick Mahomes would persuade most people!

Good luck to Mac this season and we look forwarded to seeing the highlights.

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