Pat Tillman - An American Hero

Memorial Day is a great time for all of us to remember our loved ones. On this day my mind goes to my niece, grandparents, and many other friends and family that I have lost. I'm sure you have your own loved ones that you are thinking about today and they deserve that honor. However, having common heroes that we can all think about together seems to unite us in someway. For us sports fans Pat Tillman is that unifying hero.

Pat played football for Arizona State in college. He later went on to play for the Arizona Cardinals. He played for Arizona from 1998-2001. He suddenly retired in order to go serve his country after America was attacked on our own soil in 2001.

Pat was very humble and did not want to be known as a hero. He mentioned many times that he simply wanted to be treated like any solider and not like a former professional football player who gave up millions to serve his country. And to give his life for his country.

Pat knew that protecting his country was worth more than millions of dollars. He knew it was more important than playing professional football. And he knew it was the greatest thing he could do. Let us all follow Pat's example and remember what is truly important in our own lives and put our focus on those.

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