What the F&*% is the NFL thinking??

Well... here we go again. The New England Patriots have had control of the league since 2002 when one Tom Brady stepped onto the scene and became the GOAT. Now we have finally gotten him out and they were going to have a no name QB for the first time in almost two decades.... and then they signed Cam Newton... for about one million dollars.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

Let's start with the Patriots and why this move is so frustrating to most of the world. The Patriots have won six Super bowls since 2002 and along the way they have created millions of enemies. Between beating the Seahawks because their coach forgot how to hand the ball off, the Falcons blowing a twenty-eight to three lead, and putting on the most boring Super Bowl of my lifetime against the Rams (Get out of here with that "it was a defensive masterpiece garbage") the patriots have wronged basically every fan of every other team in the league.

And FINALLY, they lost the best quarterback of all time. They were going to have a nobody under center for the first time in basically two decades. They had almost zero salary cap so there was NO WAY they could land a top quarterback.... unless the entire NFL let them get a former MVP for virtually nothing. Which is exactly what happened.

I don't know if teams just thought there was no way they could get Cam Newton for such a small price or what, but the fact that they did't at least try is ridiculous! And now we are going to have to watch what Bill Belichick can do with one of the most athletic human beings in the league as his quarterback.

Sounds great

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