Who Wants to Play College Ball these Days Anyway?

Jaylen Green is a promising young player who has decided to take a unique route out of highschool. Green is a 5-Star recruit and a McDonald's all American. According to ESPN, he is the number one recruit coming out of the high school class of 2020. Jaylen Green has decided to skip college and move straight to the G League with plans to later move on to the NBA. He has signed a 1 year $500,000 contract with an unspecified team. This is very surprising given the average G League salary is $35,000.

This route to the NBA is definitely different but will most likely boost his career by giving him an exceptional paycheck and more experience with a higher level of play. It is likely that Jaylen Green is not the last person to try this route. This could become a new and popular way for young stars to make reasonable money and set themselves up for their NBA futures.

If the G League became a new passage for players to move to the NBA it would definitely be a negative for college basketball. This wouldn’t mean an end to college basketball but would definitely give them competition. A major question coming out of this is will the NCAA be forced to start paying their players to stay and not move on to the G League. If the G League can continue to receive and pay talent, they could get more viewership and eventually compete with college basketball. The big question for the G League is can they do that?

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